» Recording Diary |  2nd Album – “Parlour Tricks” (2012 – )

A photo blog showing the process behind the forthcoming 2nd album.  Expect updates on the progress of each song, any new equipment that becomes important, varied recording locations and culminating in the release of the finished record some time in early 2014… Read in full.


» Recording Diary – 21st Century Redemption Songs (2009 – 2011)

A bunch of photos documenting the recording process behind the first album – “21st Century Redemption Songs”.  Starting with some early drum tracks in Earth Music (Belfast), some guitar overdubs in the sadly no longer existing UN studio in N. Ireland (2005-2010), and ending with the mastering and duplication in late 2011.

Live Photos

» Live Photos

Marmore Rock Festival – July 2013
Auntie Annies (Belfast) – March 2012

Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival – Feb 2012
Balcony TV (Dublin) – Feb 2012 | Radio Galileo (Italy) – September 2011
Auntie Annies (Belfast) – April 2011 | The Scala (London) – March 2011

» Hall of Facess

Basically an album of people in different places with our albums.  Send us one and we’ll include it, we like to see who’s got our stuff.

» Tickets & Posters

We’ve kept some of our posters & tickets, to preserve some moments in UN history.  The journey is the interesting thing after all, and sure it can all go in the eventual coffee table book.  Some great venues and some strange ones.

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