“So catchy.  Pure Rock & Roll.” (1)
 – Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1.

Unquiet Nights are a band with big ideas, big songs, and a big sound. With roots in Belfast and flavoured in London and Rome, the songs are ambitious and direct, whether you hear them live @ 10,000dB or on record.  The music takes you back to a time when song-writing was king and Rock & Roll meant something.

Rising from the ashes of a previous Irish radio fixture, Unquiet Nights are centered on the songs of singer/guitarist Luke Mathers, the drum-work of Matteo Bussotti, and the bass & keyboard skills of Francesco Piciucchi.

21st Century Redemption Songs is the band’s maiden release, and is the result of 18 months of intensive recording and self-production.  Songs from the album have gotten the band radio play in a long list of countries including UK & Ireland national stations (Absolute, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio 1, RTÉ 2fm, BBC 6 Music), as well as major music press (Under The Radar, G3, Music Now, Hotpress), sound track appearances on many broadcasts (ESPN, Allisports, SurflineTV), as well as support slots at venues like The Kasbah, Scala London (w/ Bloc Party), and headlines in their native Belfast (Auntie Annies, Pavilion).  The band have also made appearances on Balcony TV Dublin, Guitar Shop TV, done numerous live radio sessions (Radio Galileo, Feile FM, Blast106, Citybeat 96.7) and won five or six national competitions – all since September 2010, without having had an official release, and in the independent spirit the band identify with.

The songwriting on 21st Century Redemption Songs is forceful and ambitious, with about half of the album having featured on national radio, and stylistically it draws on the band’s love of Americana, British Invasion, Motown Soul, Outlaw Country, Delta Blues and everything else Rock & Roll was designed to embody.  Journalists and DJs have compared it to REM at their drive time best, the lustful exhuberance of The Rolling Stones and most pleasingly of all – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

2012 saw the band solidify their profile and justify the early promise of their debut, and in 2013 they intend to continue moving forward into the release of the second album, further growing the reputation based on that which is most important to the band – the songs.

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“Chugs and roars along at a fair old pace, with aequal amounts of attitude and swagger.”
 – Pete Donaldson, Absolute Radio.

“Music of the highest, cloud-reaching calibre. Actually quite beautiful.”
Aaron Phillips, Amazing Radio.

“A great rock track. Moody, but not one that revels in it – there’s a sense of urgency in there. Bit of a journey, all told.”
Pete Donaldson, Absolute Radio.

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