» Absolute Radio | Pete Donaldson (Sunday Night Music Club)  (link) (screen) (screen)
“Burning The Tracks” chugs and roars along at a fair old pace, with aequal amounts of attitude and swagger. Good stuff!

» Hot Press | Edwin McFee“Four Winds”  (scan)
“…a soaring statement of intent. Their darkest offering to date, it tips it’s hat to Dave Gilmour’s famous guitar-work, while telling a tale of a twisted love affair. Bolstered by a stadium-bothering chorus, this number really impresses with repeat plays…”

» Absolute Radio | Pete Donaldson (Sunday Night Music Club)  (link) (image) (image)
“Someone’s Love on Drugs” is a great rock track.  Moody, but not one that revels in it – there’s a sense of urgency in there.  Bit of a journey, all told.”

» Amazing Radio | Aaron Phillips (Amazing Rock Show)  (video)
“Music of the highest, cloud-reaching calibre.  Actually quite beautiful.”

» Hot Press | Edwin McFee“Love Leave Your Mark on Me”  (image)
“…Conjuring up a sound that’s like the Gin Blossoms jamming with the Jesus and Mary Chain, it’s an anthemic offering from the three-piece..”

» BBC Radio 1 | Phil Taggart (Introducing)“Shoulda Said Something”  (video)
“…So catchy.  You’ve got some great fans Unquiet Nights, someone has just texted in before this saying “we need this, we really need this!”  So do I.  Pure Rock & Roll…”

» BBC NI – Across The Line“Shoulda Said Something”  (link) (link)
Confident swaggering indie rock from the European wanderlust trio.”

» Uncovr – Greg Richling (The Wallflowers) (screen)
“Great band with tons of energy and swagger that will excite fans of The Strypes, The Vines, Nirvana and Bloc Party.” – Greg Richling, The Wallflowers

» BBC 6 Music | Tom Robinson Fresh Faves #52  (link) (image)
“…Irish band Unquiet Nights have already tasted success, having supported the likes of Toploader and Bloc Party. Silent Picture Show is a mature sounding track with interesting lyrics and is taken from their debut album 21st Century Redemption Songs…”

» Hot Press | Edwin McFee Upfront – “21st Century Redemption Songs  (scan)
“…if you haven’t had a chance to check out this promising rock ‘n’ roll band, now’s your chance. If you’re a fan of The Charlatans, Tom Petty and rock songs with classic choruses then you should have a listen…”

» Chordblossom | Leigh Forgie – “21st Century Redemption Songs” (link) (screen)
“…Songs such as ‘Silent Picture Show’ and ‘Someone’s Love on Drugs’ have the dreamy guitar backing that wouldn’t be out of place on an R.E.M. song…”

» BBC Across The Line | Stuart Bailie – “Young Believers” (link)
“…From Belfast but lives in Italy. Likes Roy Orbison, but on this track “Young Believers” he sounds a bit like Eddie Vedder I think.”

» Shock Radio (University of Salford) | Lucy Markillie – “Burning The Tracks”
“A really powerful track. It’s a great example of radio-friendly rock and I think Unquiet Nights are set for big things based on the strength of this song.”

» BBC 6 Music | Tom Robinson Introducing Mixtape – “Someone’s Love on Drugs”
“..Someone’s Love on Drugs comes from their fine debut album 21st Century Redemption Songs – for which recording started in their native Belfast and was completed in their adopted home of Umbria, Northern Italy. They stress – over and above everything, it’s always been and always will be about the songs. I couldn’t agree more.…” (link) (screen)

» Bailrigg FM (University of Lancaster) | Laura Cockram – “Burning The Tracks”
“…Burning the Tracks hits you straight away as a rock song. It has a very appealing riff and bass line that provides the underlying rhythm section of the piece. The vocals are gruff and engaging. The chorus is also very memorable. I love this song and would happily put it on repeat on my iPod and play it again and again and again….”

» RAW Radio Warwick | Anishka Sharma – “Burning The Tracks”
“…This track from potentially the best rock n roll band I’ve heard all year should become an instant hit in the rock world. From the second the listener hits play they are immersed in a whirlwind of precision, dynamism and vitality with a rock n roll heart at the very core of it all. I adore every single element, the singer’s husky, raspy yet playfully delicate vocals and the razor-sharp riffs and drumming. To put it simply; these guys should not be unsigned. Absolutely brilliant..”.