» Video Diaries

European Tour 2013:  Video documentary following us through Italy, Germany, Austria & Slovakia.

Amsterdam (November 2013):  Video diary of our gig at the Panama Club, Amsterdam.

» Balcony TV

2012BalconyTV2012 Feb |  “Someone’s Love on Drugs” (Balcony TV – Dublin)
2011 Jan |  “Burning The Tracks” (Balcony TV – Dublin)

» Interviews (Audio)

2012 Mar |  Justin Wayne Show: Unquiet Nights Album Omnibus
2010 Nov |  Feile FM (Belfast) interview on Vinny Hurrell show

» Radio Sessions

Blast1062012 Mar |  Citybeat 96.7fm – City Nights w/ David Gordon (Belfast)
2012 Feb |  Blast 106fm – Through The Wall w/ James Magill (Belfast)
2011 Sep |  Radio Galileo – Experience Due w/ Amedeo Contili (Umbria, Italy)

» Live Music

Aug 2013 |  Marmore Rock Festival, Italy
Mar 2012 |  Auntie Annie’s (Belfast) – Little Doses Rock Riot Soul Tour
Feb 2012 |  Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival 2012

» Music in TV / Film / Web

2012 |  O’NEILL Coldwater Classic Jim Phillips feat. We Were The Ones.
2012 |  O’NEILL Coldwater Classic Day 5 featuring Shoulda Said Something.
2011 |  ALLISPORTS Louie Vito interview featuring We Were The Ones.
2011 |  ALLISPORTS Breck Snowboard Semis – Shoulda Said Something.
2011 |  ALLISPORTS Sage Kotsenburg feature – If I Could & You Ever Would.
2011 |  CICLISMO PASSIONE production feat. Burning The Tracks.
2011 |  SURFLINE TV featuring Shoulda Said Something.

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