» 21st CENTURY REDEMPTION SONGS (digital album) – £4.99

Buy for £4.99 at Bandcamp

Buy the digital version for £4.99 in your preferred format from Bandcamp, you don’t need an account. We don’t set the prices for iTunes UK (£7.90), iTunes US ($9.90) Amazon UK (£7.49) or Amazon US ($8.99) so you know.  Here’s a full list of stores that carry the album.

» 21st CENTURY REDEMPTION SONGS (CD album) – £8 / $12.99

Buy for £8 +P&P from our Paypal

Other links to buy: Bandcamp
The physical copy of “21st Century Redemption Songs” comes with colour booklet & liner notes.


» Pin Badges

Buy 3 for £2

A number of different pin badges designed by Indie Kids.  We’ve set up a “pay what you want” option on Paypal, so for anything over £1 we’ll send you a badge.

» Ringtones

You can buy our songs as ringtones if that’s your thing.  Third parties offer them on download sites whether we do or not, so we’ve set up a store on Reverbnation to sell them directly.  We don’t price these unfortunately, so you know.

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