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“Music  of  the highest,  cloud-reaching  calibre.”
Aaron Phillips, Amazing Radio

“Were The The Ones” is the second single to be released from “21st Century Redemption Songs”, the first album by Belfast trio Unquiet Nights.  It marks the transition since “Burning The Tracks” which has seen them break ground nationally in Ireland, the UK & Italy on stations such as Absolute Radio, RTÉ 2fm, BBC Radio 1 & Amazing Radio.

Lyrically, “We Were The Ones” is a flowing Mid-Atlantic style narrative in the best tradition of Springsteen/Petty.  It drops you in the present tense into the middle of a group of nocturnal musicians and standup comedians, bound together by the uncertainty of their alternate lifestyle and dedication to their chosen art.  As explained by singer Luke Mathers; “I wrote the lyric in England having been away from the Irish music scene for a while, but (I) was definitely remembering a bunch of  musicians and standups who I’d met a few times in different places in Ireland.  The self-belief and defiance was intoxicating, so it’s a celebration of that, and it’s as literally true as I could recount“.

“We Were The Ones” is available as of  Monday 1st October 2012.

Darren Jones

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