Press Release | “Don’t Wanna Kill For Religion” (Single)

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“Don’t Wanna Kill For Religion” is the XXnd single from the forthcoming second album by Northern Irish band Unquiet Nights.  Taking place sometime around 1992, the song tells the story of a shopping trip to a pre-ceasefire Belfast. Getting the bus to Great Victoria Street, eating in the cafeteria upstairs in British Home Stores, and ending in evacuation down the fire escape due to one of the bomb alerts which were frequent at that time in the city.

“It’s an autobiographical song for sure”, songwriter Luke Mathers explained to me over a Skype call.  “That happened to me a lot as a kid in Belfast with my mother, in Lurgan and strangely on my first trip to London in 1997 we were caught up in a bomb scare in the underground which was claimed by the same people from home.”

He was quick to respond when I asked if there was any blame being attached by the song.  “No, paramilitaries were killing random people all the time because they believed them to have been of the opposite religion.  I wouldn’t have been happy to have known that I was killed because of, for example Protestantism either.  Dead is dead.  Not having any religious belief myself, I was offended by all of it.  But anyway, going back in time and writing the song from the point of view of myself as a child allowed me to strip away all the politics and knowledge of religion that might creep into the song now, and just ask the simple questions like: “Who are these people?”, “Why am I at 7 years old nearly dieing in town?”, “Why are people who I know from home dieing weekly?”, “Why are the people on TV supporting this?”.  The very obvious answer came back that this thing called Religion was responsible.  The reason why thousands of people were dieing was because hundreds of thousands of people anonymously supported the violence because they had a religious stake in the outcome.  It wasn’t politics at all, if it was we could’ve worked it out.

– Darren Jones, Essential Credential.

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