Here’s a full stream of 21st Century Redemption Songs.  Some tracks can be downloaded freely, and all have a buy link if you want to be supportive.  If you just download, atleast join us on facebook, or the mailing list.  Share the mp3s with your friends, no problem.  Remember that we also have a free album sampler.

21st Century Redemption Songs (2012)

24-01-2012 |  21st Century Redemption Songs (Album – Physical)
25-12-2011 |  21st Century Redemption Songs (Album – Digital)

Release Info: | Musicbrainz
Buy Links:  iTunes US | iTunes UK | Full List

I find it very hard to believe that ’21st Century Redemption Songs’ is the debut album from Unquiet Nights. Clean cut and polished, each instrument has its defined role to play, rather than adopting the wall of sound noise that so many modern rock and indie bands tend to opt for. These guys sound a lot more ‘veteran’ than ‘mere upstarts’.” – Leigh Forgie (


04-02-2013 |  Song of Lust (Single)
01-10-2012 |  We Were The Ones (Single)
30-04-2012 |  Burning The Tracks (Single)

4 Responses to “MUSIC & DOWNLOADS”
  1. Mark Ciampa says:

    I can’t stop listening to Someone’s Love on Drugs since I bought the album, amazing stuff.

  2. Janine says:

    Can’t wait for the second album, I’ve heard about a few songs from it. Should be great.

  3. steven masters says:

    Brilliant,love it,scribbling right now…thanks!

  4. steven masters says:

    Silent Picture Show,stands out as a bright shiny thing,gonna get the repeat cycle.

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