First Ten (2012-2022)

Today is the 10th anniversary of our first album “21st Century Redemption Songs“. We thought we’d put a bow on our first decade with a collection of singles that have meant a lot on our journey so far. The compilation is called “First Ten” and includes two songs from “21st…”, three from “Postcards in Real … Continue reading

Single – “In Spite of It All”

A new single is here! It’s called “In Spite of It All“ and was something that came out of the many long nights we spent in Credential Sound during the lockdown period that was 2020 & 2021! We’re also putting out a singles collection called “First Ten” in honour of the 10th anniversary of our … Continue reading

2021 – Year in Review

Rest assured that during the pandemic we have been squirreled away recording on plenty of different projects. There will be news about an upcoming single release, which will be part of a compilation to mark the 10 year anniversary of our first album “21st Century Redemption Songs” coming up on Jan 24th. Spotify – 930, … Continue reading

Jan 2014 | Irish Public, thoughts on songwriting.

An uncharacteristically quick report this time about a few things that happened throughout January.  We at UN headquarters are doing a lot of behind the scenes work which isn’t ready to report or unveil, including a new website which is coming before the next single and will hopefully be a better experience for you all. … Continue reading

Dec 2013 | Klangstation, Amorous for Analog, Plans for 2014…

So, 2013 is over – time for the capsule review?  We spent most of the year promoting the first album “21st Century Redemption Songs”, giving a few of the tracks a single release along the way and making significant strides in radio play.  We did a bunch of Italian summer festivals in July/August then went … Continue reading

Nov 2013 | Amazing Radio, Parlour Tricks, Early Mixing

November has been busy recording wise, and writing towards the next album.  “Don’t Wanna Kill For Religion” is away for mixing this weekend.  Anyone who’s seen us live during the summer will know it, and there should be a hail of other songs getting mixed over the next months as we take a break from … Continue reading

Oct 2013 | “US BOUND”, Live Recording (Munich), MilanInter & more…

So this month we got back to the lab again after last month’s tour and have been furiously recording take after take on the next album, looking for that magic sound that’ll push us further on radio than ever before.  A pile of interesting things have happened though, radio, write ups and also there are … Continue reading

Sep 2013 | European Tour (Austria, Germany, Slovakia) & Radio.

September for us was mostly consumed by planning a “European Tour” of sorts, as well as actually being on it from September 19th until the 29th, so I’ll try and give a day by day account and focus on anything important that happened to us during the tour.  I was told by some people that … Continue reading

Aug 2013 | Marmore Rock, Parco Fluviale, Experience Due & more.

August was a brutally hot month in Italy, such that olive coloured Italians were constantly saying the equivalent of “Bloody hell, it’s hot now” (Mama mia.. e tanto caldo!).  But it didn’t stop UN from getting a lot done.  I’ll recap some of the main things that happened and then get on to the European … Continue reading

Jul 2013 | Summer Festival dates, 50 Sounds of Summer & More..

July was a month of much, much recording & editing.  Mostly bass tracks for the second album on songs like “Destiny Does The Splitstep”, “Don’t Wanna Kill For Religion” & “Jefferson Was Right”, plus some others I haven’t named yet.  But we’ve played those live a lot anyway so it’s not a secret.  Anyway we’ve … Continue reading

Jun 2013 | Queen’s Speakeasy & Youbloom Dublin.

During June apart from continuing work on recordings that’ll make up the second album, I took a trip to Ireland to do solo gigs in Belfast & Dublin and meet a few different people over there.  We’ve also been rehearsing the rest of the time back in Italy for some shows that are coming up … Continue reading

May 2013 | UK Rock Radio Sampler & Summer Festivals.

During May we’ve been rehearsing hard for the live appearances that’ll come this summer, of which there’s another couple added in time for this blog (details below), continuing recording work on the next release, and picking up new radio play.  Here’s all that plus a few other things from this month… » UK Rock Radio | … Continue reading

Apr 2013 | And then there were (a different) three, plus recording news.

This month we’ve been working hard on recordings for the second album, re-jigging the lineup again and rehearsing for some festivals this summer.  Also some photos from a couple of trips I made to Rome and Bologna, and video of an Unquiet Nights “rarity” in rehearsal.  So, starting with…. » BOLOGNA |  John Grant @ Antoniano … Continue reading

Mar 2013 | RTE 2XM & Dublin City FM Interviews, Fresh Faves & more news.

So we’ve got the RTÉ 2XM and Dublin City FM interviews from last month’s Irish tour for you to hear now, as well as further recognition from Tom Robinson over on 6 Music.  Also, keep reading and you’ll find out a bit more about the forthcoming second album, some other written interviews and other things that … Continue reading

Feb 2013 | Irish Tour 2013, Dublin City FM, RTE 2XM

In February we brought our distinctive brand of electrified, guitar based Rock & Roll music with strong Americana, British Invasion & Soul leanings back to the island of birth for some gigs & radio things in Dublin and Belfast.  I phrase it like that because in the course of 5 or 6 interviews this month … Continue reading

Jan 2013 | Paperlate 750, Irish Tour & 2013 plans.

  Here’s the January blog, a recap of what’s been happening during the month, and some plans/thoughts on the next year or so.  I’ve been bearing down heavily on material for the next releases (singles during 2013, then the next album in early 2014, hopefully).  I’ll start with some new year thoughts, and then get … Continue reading

Dec 2012 | Panama, 99.4fm, Salto 1 TV & 2013 plans.

So December, and 2012 are over.  A lot of hard work saw it go well for us all considered, huge improvements in our position since this time last year.  In terms of the types of gigs & tours we’re offered and some of the radio stations we wanted to get on last year, and have … Continue reading

Nov 2012 | Radio 2XS, O’Neill Surfboards, Tourdates & More.

November was definitely one of the more unusual months in UN history so far, because up until the 14th I was still in Italy and not expecting to be in Ireland again until the tour in February.  But things changed and we’ve added a couple more tour dates, as well as more sports sound-tracking action and a … Continue reading

Oct 2012 | BBC 6 Music, WRIR & Other New Radio.

I wanted to tell you about some of the things that happened to us in October, because although September was good, I did make the  promise that this month would match it.  Amongst other things we finally gave “‘We Were The Ones” a release this month, so as always there is some new radio to … Continue reading

Sep 2012 | Radio Popolare, U105 & Nos Gusta la Música

It’s time for the September update, and you’ll remember that in the last blog I promised another radio breakthrough, this time of the Italian variety.  We’ve got that, as well as another of the main Northern Irish stations.  Also our first known appearance on a Spanish language website and a few more things.  Let’s get … Continue reading

Aug 2012 | The Big List, Hotpress & more.

Hello all.  Here’s a recap of what happened during August.  I know I said in the last blog that I’d have another big radio network play to report.  It didn’t fall in time for this month’s deadline, but check our facebook at the end of next week and it’ll be there – promise.  We had lots … Continue reading

Jul 2012 | 2nd Album Rumours, Tom Petty & more RTÉ 2fm

It’s that time again to let you know about the things that happened involving UN during July.  There’s some more RTÉ 2FM play, a twitter question about plans for the next album, a reverse question from me & some stuff about Tom Petty. » RTÉ 2FM – More UN on Jenny Huston Show Last month’s blog included the RTÉ 2fm play of Burning The Tracks from June 20th.  Here’s another from June 26th, which I didn’t have time to post … Continue reading

Jun 2012 | RTÉ 2fm, Louder Than War & Beatwolf

What an Italian-Irish month June has been.  I say so because as I was watching Rep. Ireland v. Italy in Euro 2012 last week here in my adopted country, and listening to the intense screaming as they beat us this time, it was only a couple of days later that I heard the altogether more glorious sound of RTÉ playing Unquiet Nights for the first time. … Continue reading

May 2012 | Transmission & Jefferson Was Right (video)

So we started May by doing some drum tracks for new material that’ll feature on the next release, which is still some time away obviously, but we’ll keep you up to date on the process.  This was back home in Northern Ireland and in a more isolated house than where we recorded most of the first album, so we were able to thump around long into the night … Continue reading

Apr 2012 | BBC Radio 1, Radio Ulster, Klangstation, Melomania

Thrilled to report that BBC Radio 1 is now on the list of stations to have supported the first album, making that 3 national UK stations on board, with Absolute Radio & Amazing Radio playing us already.  It was always part of the plan to do well on radio, so it feels great to be picking up some of the important stations so early … Continue reading

Mar 2012 | Citybeat Session & Album Omnibus

Hello all.  This was another busy month for us with plenty of gigs, radio sessions and the usual amount of work going on behind the scenes to keep things happening.  Here’s a look at some of the events of March, starting with an album review by Leigh Forgie of the BBC… » Album Review “I find it very hard to … Continue reading

Feb 2012 | Belfast Nashville & BalconyTV

‘ello.  I’m writing this update from N. Ireland for the first time in 10 months, having returned to do a bunch of things with the band including Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival, BalconyTV Dublin, sessions on Blast106fm & Citybeat as well as more gigs to come in March.  So here’s a recap of some of the happenings during February with us. » – … Continue reading

Jan 2012 | CD copies, Storychord & Gigs.

So, in this month’s update we’ve got interviews, physical cd copies, soundtrack activity, gig news, new radio, reviews & Best of 2011 lists.  Let’s get started. » 21st Century Redemption Songs – CD Version We’ve got our own stock of physical copies of 21st Century Redemption Songs now, so you can order from our Paypal, or Bandcamp store for … Continue reading

Mar 2011 | Scala London & Allisports feature

» Graham SmithPhotoshoot Felt like time we had more photos, so here’s an album of new ones by Graham Smith, who did great stuff for the band myself and Rodger were in previously. » Scala London w/ Bloc Party This month was the gig at Scala London that we’d been planning for a while, on a bill … Continue reading