Jan 2012 | CD copies, Storychord & Gigs.

So, in this month’s update we’ve got interviews, physical cd copies, soundtrack activity, gig news, new radio, reviews & Best of 2011 lists.  Let’s get started. » 21st Century Redemption Songs – CD Version We’ve got our own stock of physical copies of 21st Century Redemption Songs now, so you can order from our Paypal, or Bandcamp store for … Continue reading

Dec 2011 | Amazing Radio & Breckenridge.

2011 is over officially and I’m listening to John Lennon’s original War Is Over to flush out the karaoke version I’ve been hearing on repeat.  Along with John Prine’s Christmas in Prison, it’s the only seasonal song I can tolerate.  Here’s a round up of Unquiet Nights news from December… » 21st Century Redemption Songs – CD Version The physical copies of the … Continue reading

Nov 2011 | Guitar Shop TV, first album finished

November is finished aaand… so is the first album.  It’ll take a few weeks before we have news on the physical copies, but we’ll keep you up to date.  The 10 track digital version of 21st Century Redemption Songs is available now though…   » 21st Century Redemption Songs – Digital Version You can buy the digital version for £4.99 by … Continue reading

Oct 2011 | BBC ATL, Absolute Radio & More.

Hope you’re doin’ well.  So, here’s the latest in our tradition of monthly updates about things that’ve happened to Unquiet Nights of interest. » BBC Across The Line We were featured during Phily Taggart’s spot on BBC Across The Line.  He and Rigsy discussed us a bit and played Shoulda Said Something, which we re-cut for the album last month.  As far … Continue reading

Sep 2011 | G3 interview, Radio Galileo session.

» G3 Magazine (US) Issue 14 will have an interview with us which they’re running as a two page spread, as opposed to the smaller article originally planned.  Check for it on the G3 Agency website, which will have a link to Amazon.  Subjects covered include the first album, and feelings on the music industry.  … Continue reading

Aug 2011 | “Song of Lust” & Lurgan Mail.

» Lurgan Mail Article The Mail is our hometown paper, who used to write about the band that Rodger and myself were in.  They’ve just done an article about Unquiet Nights, based on an interview by IM.  Read a scan of it here, or direct on lurganmail.co.uk. Thanks to Graeme Cousins for taking an interest too. » Song of … Continue reading

Jun 2011 | First Album update.

Thought we’d give you a preview of how the first album is going so far, listen on the Soundcloud player below.  You’ll notice there’s a Buy link beside each song, where some especially supportive people have been buying the tracks as we’ve mastered them.  It’s sure appreciated. » Album Recording Update As you all might know, it’ll be … Continue reading