Oct 2013 | “US BOUND”, Live Recording (Munich), MilanInter & more…

So this month we got back to the lab again after last month’s tour and have been furiously recording take after take on the next album, looking for that magic sound that’ll push us further on radio than ever before.  A pile of interesting things have happened though, radio, write ups and also there are some free live downloads to be had.  So here are a few of the UN related things that happened during October……


Here are the first 2 songs from our Munich gig last month.  You can download the .mp3 from the widget below. Unfortunately we don’t have the instrument channels so we can’t really mix it more clearly than how it is, but here’s what it sounded on the night.  If enough people want the other songs we can get those up too.

»  Media Coverage: October

Lurgan Mail - September 2013 (European Tour)A few bits of media to report from October.  On the left is a bit in the Lurgan Mail (N. Ireland) about our tour last month, and the news that we won an award of funding from the MBF to produce a music video for the next album.   So, expect to see more about that around January time when we get started.

There was a review of our gig @ The Hot Rod (Salzburg) in MeinBezirk,at, some kind of local paper.  The translation is more or less…

“Irish band Unquiet Nights started with brisk, rocking beats, presenting their album “21st Century Redemption Songs”. “We are very pleased with today’s event, the concert is very well attended and people are enjoying the beats,” expressed owner Edita Alic. The audience was very mixed, with youngsters and oldies to be found enjoying the carnival atmosphere. The band  played for over an hour and did not miss, spending time after with the guests to enjoy a few drinks to cool down. Luke Mathers, the frontman, songwriter and producer of the album began in the summer of 2010 to write his songs. Currently, the Irish act are touring Austria, Germany and Slovakia.”

»  US BOUND SINGLE – “Song of Lust”

WEXT Bill MaherWe gave “Song of Lust” a single release on the 28th to keep ourselves active on radio in the meantime before the next album material.  It’s been selling well on iTunes and the other places, so we thank you all for the support. Another positive thing that happened as a result of the release was that WEXT 97.7 in Albany New York chose “Song of Lust” as the featured “US Bound” single of the week. They played it at least 4 times in the couple of days I was checking. and gave us some great build ups and introductions on the air which you can hear here.There is also a US Bound article about us on their website, which they’ve been advertising us on the homepage alongside Bill Maher’s date @ The Palace.

»  RADIO MilanInter

A show on Radio Milan Inter 96.1 (in Milan, obviously) called Music On The Radio invited Matteo on for an interview to talk about how we started, style, future plans and all that stuff, plus they played “Shoulda Said Something”.  It’s in Italian obviously, even though Matteo speaks beautiful English.  Have a listen, and thanks to the Music On The Radio people. Vogliammo suonare Live un giorno….

» RECORDING UPDATE – October 2013

NEW Booth on the Move (2013)People who followed the recording of our first album will have seen my “Booth on the Move” for recording vocals here in Italy.  Well for the second album I’ve upgraded it with acoustic treatment on the walls and a manoeverable mic stand.  Yes, gone is the Jack Daniels tin I had been using.  The treatment foam should stop a lot of the nuisance phase cancellation, speeding up the process of recording vocals.  I did some pretty weird stuff in order to get a result during the recording of “21st….“.

So at the minute the bass lines are being finished on some songs we’ve been playing live like “Destiny Does The Splitstep”, “Jefferson Was Right” & “Don’t Wanna Kill For Religion”.  A lot of planning  went into last month’s tour and in ongoing radio promotion, but for the next two or three months heavy work will be going on towards the next album.  I’ve got big expectations for it, and am setting the challenge to improve on the sound & songs of the first album.

» Also this month…

A strange thing that happened was when I noticed what is apparantly BBC Radio Merseyside DJ Tony Snell selling a radio promo copy of “21st Century Redemption Songs” on his eBay store for £4.10.  He describes it as “a great collector’s items” in good condition.  Anyway the month was pretty positive and I can promise next month will be heating up, already got some national radio lined up, and there will be concrete developments with new material being mastered, so I should be able to speculate on it’s release.

Remember there’s a lot of free music at unquietnights.com/music, but if you download there as opposed to buying the album, atleast join the mailing list, our facebook page, or follow on twitter so we can stay in touch.

Until the next one… www.facebook.com/unquietnights

» Don’t forget…

If you want a copy of 21st Century Redemption Songs like Rafaella, go to… Raffy_Album

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