Aug 2013 | Marmore Rock, Parco Fluviale, Experience Due & more.

August was a brutally hot month in Italy, such that olive coloured Italians were constantly saying the equivalent of “Bloody hell, it’s hot now” (Mama mia.. e tanto caldo!).  But it didn’t stop UN from getting a lot done.  I’ll recap some of the main things that happened and then get on to the European Tour that we’ve got planned for the coming month.  We’ll be going to at least 3 new countries for the first time…

» Melting Pot Interview – August

Melting Pot (Terni) (2)At the start of August we had an interview in the Provincia di Terni edition of Melting Pot, which is a glossy entertainment listing magazine that has 9,000 copies distributed to places in the province. I’ve often picked it up in the pizzeria to note down festivals & music venues that we should be playing.  We were the featured band in the Sounds Good column, the interview is obviously in Italian but you can click on the picture for a bigger version if you can understand it.

We were talking mostly about future plans and the appearance at Marmore Rockin’ Festival coming up the next week, but also what makes the Unquiet Nights sound, where the name came from.  Stuff that has been answered before a lot in English, but good to be able to let people here know a bit more about us, and the fact that we’re alive and exist, which is the first thing!  The girl who wrote it has been great too, it’s one of those “totally didn’t have to choose us” things, but she did anyway.  Grazie Eleonora, lo apprezziamo.

» Live Session @ Experience Due, Radio Galileo

The Experience Due show on Radio Galileo 100.5fm (Terni, Roma, Perugia area) had us in again to promote the Marmore Rockin’ Festival.  As usual it was great to be in there, and I had a chat with Amedeo about the Cat Power gig we both attended in Roma, which turned into a disaster (“I come to Roma to cook, not to give you rice”).  You can check the tour date page for the full 12 song set that we played that night.

There is audio recording of it, but things have been busy at Unquiet Nights HQ, so that’ll be uploaded soon.

» Marmore Rockin’ Festival 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at Marmore Rockin’ Festival on 8th August, and to the organisers for booking us.  They asked us to headline, which means a lot, because for a while we weren’t being recognized much in our own region.  It’s a spectacular location too, open air at Cascata delle Marmore, the largest waterfall in Europe.  Great to hear the band reverberating all over the valley…

The other bands were strong too, loved Rummer & Grape, their singer has a powerful voice.  The Speranza brothers’ band UTO performed fantastically too, and have a good song, the chorus repeatidly goes something like “Ti ho mentito per poterti scopare”.  Basically, “I told a lie just to f…..”.  Impressive admission there, Fabio.

» Parco Fluviale, Amelia

We did the WOOH! Festival @ Parco Fluviale, Amelia with a band called Petramante from Orvieto.  It was a good one, we liked their stuff, and playing beside the Rio Grande kept things cooler than the normal steaming heat in August.  Complimentary Lasagne on the rider, (no, not a euphamism).  Loved the Fender DeVille amp that they had that night, which I’d love to play every gig, if we had the space to carry one.  Soon!


» Notte Bianca / White Night – Amelia

We did the White Night in Amelia on Sat 14th August, and you’ll notice that I’m modelling Francesco’s acoustic guitar, and that he stuck to keys for the whole set because of the fact that I brought an extremely light guitar case to that gig. We played to a lot of people, Amelia was packed & people keep moving around so you’re always playing to new people every couple of minutes. Pretty long set, about 1 hr 10 mins.  Albums were sold & we received a strong endorsement from the mother of a boy in a Nirvana T-shirt.

» Secret News (Video)

Something good happened behind the scenes that will allow us to shoot a pro music video in the first months of 2014.  So far it’s a fact that we’ve missed out on some really good exposure which required having a video, so at least one of the singles should come out with a video this time.  I find us competing constantly with bands on a much higher budget, so anything that can help bridge the gap is extremely positive.  More news soon.

» Radio Update:  July 2013

We made our long overdue radio debut on the continent of Africa in Cape Town (The Wrong Rock Show, Bush 89.5fm) on 07-08-2013.  Apart from the live session we did, Radio Galileo in Italy have continued to play us throughout the month, including 30th August (Burning The Tracks).  There will be more radio when we’ve got the next single out, and hopefully some exciting things in conjunction with the tour dates this month.

» European Tour 2013

During September we’re going on a short tour involving (for now) Austria, Germany & Slovakia.  There’s a possibility of adding another 2 countries but some logistical stuff has to work out.  If you click each venue below there’s all the information about when/where/how.  Looking forward to getting to these places!

28-09-2013     Austria  –  Salzburg  –  The Hot Rod
27-09-2013     Austria  –  Innsbruck  –  The Early Bird
26-09-2013     Germany  –  Munich  –  Garage Deluxe
24-09-2013     Slovakia  –  Bratislava  –  Hlava 22
20-09-2013     Austria  –  Köstendorf  –  Gasthof Dorfwirt

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Until the next one…

» Don’t forget…

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