Jul 2013 | Summer Festival dates, 50 Sounds of Summer & More..

July was a month of much, much recording & editing.  Mostly bass tracks for the second album on songs like “Destiny Does The Splitstep”, “Don’t Wanna Kill For Religion” & “Jefferson Was Right”, plus some others I haven’t named yet.  But we’ve played those live a lot anyway so it’s not a secret.  Anyway we’ve been rehearsing for our contribution to the Italian summer festival season too…

» Upcoming Gigs: August 2013


During August we’ve got a few things confirmed.  First of all we’re doing a live radio session for Experience Due on Radio Galileo (03/08/2013), where we will preview some new songs and maybe play some of the first album too.  Then on the 8th of August we’ll be at Marmore Rock Festival, playing in front of the largest manmade waterfall in Europe.  The day after we’ll be in Amelia, playing in front of the Rio Grande at Parco Fluviale. That’s all we have confirmed for now, but there should be some other dates appearing soon.

» A Lament

Anyone who has been following our progress over the last couple of years will know how unlucky we’ve been when it comes to supporting bigger acts.  It has just been pure logistics and financial stuff has prevented us from playing with bands who have sold millions of albums.  Sometimes it has come down to a couple of hours between confirming it and not before something changes.  Last month though, has got to be the most frustrating ever.  There’s no point to name the acts, but for example on Last.fm, the two we narrowly missed out on supporting have 5,568,132 listens and 1,383,529.  But, we will keep pushing constantly and it will hit sooner or later, it just might not be our time to get lucky yet.

» Straight To Your Head |  50 Sounds of Summer

Peter Storry of the Straight To Your Head podcast has included something of ours in his “50 Sounds of Summer” playlist.  Mostly British Indie stuff, and you can download it on iTunes and on the Straight To Your Head website.  Thank you, Peter.

I’m not weather centric myself though, what’s good in winter is good in summer.

» Rehearsal Diary

We’ve been using Musical Academy ever since Skylab closed down.  If the big room (pictured below) is ever available, we’re very happy.  There are some expensive amps in this place and the bigger room has much less nasty feedback than the tiny rooms, so I can get some good guitar sounds.  Unfortunately for Matteo having to sit at the drums, he might not know that there is a great spot slightly behind where I’m standing that the air conditioner is strongest.  Given that it’s 38 celcius now & supposed to be 43 next week, you can see the use.

MA Rehearsal July 2013

» Gig Reviews: July 2013

Been out and about to a lot of gigs recently, so here are some capsule reviews…

Beady Eye @ Pistoia Blues Fest – Pretty good, couple of high moments, Liam still charismatic, “Flick of the Finger” a good song, very short set (53 minutes), met Gem Archer.

Cat Power @ Parco della Musica – Awful, disaster, she complained a lot about sound and the venue, left stage in crying fit, insulted my ticket price, didn’t act or appear sober, most arrogant performance I’ve ever suffered.

Mark Knopfler @ Rock in Roma – A lot of people seemed unhappy that he didn’t play “Sultans of Swing” or “Brothers in Arms”, and said that Torino had been better, with those songs.  He played “Romeo & Juliet” which for me still constitutes as high a moment as nearly anyone can provide.  Fantastic guitarist obviously, in general it was fairly good.  Very quiet PA, should be called “Quiet Rock in Roma”.

Roy Paci @ Festa Unita, Roma – Didn’t know what to expect apart from some kind of Jazz fusion, it was a gig by our friends @ DNA.  Loved it though, more than I expected.  Band full of great musicians, and a tight on stage act.  There was no singing so I can’t point to a particular piece, but it was very energetic and refreshing to see people who can play.  Hung around with them after the gig and was treated to stuff from their rider.  Had no idea that Roy is a superstar in Italy.  Will go see them again given the chance.

Kings of Convenience @ Villa Ada, Roma – Pretty good, I’ve long been a fan of their stuff.  Have 2 physical albums, off which they didn’t play my favourite songs (“Winning a Battle, Losing a War”), but I’ll not gripe about that.  Erland was dancing with fans after the gig at the disco and did a good job of being personable on stage.  The striking thing is how good their close harmonies are, comes across even more when you see them live.  Thumbs down to the policeman who stopped us on the way back and accused me of driving on drugs. : )

Saw a couple of hyped local Italian rock bands also during the month, but there’s no point in naming them. They were embarrassing, zero melody, no songs, no musicianship apart from tight drummers, self entitled stage manner, constantly mentioning that the audience applaud, even before starting to play.  If I ever have to see either of them again it will be too soon.

Springsteen & I @ Space Cinema – Not a gig exactly, but a Ridley Scott made film composed of fan contributions and a 5 song set from Hyde Park somewhere in the middle.  As with nearly everything released in Springsteen’s name, it was fantastic and life affirming.  Worth seeing when available outside the cinema.

» New “UN” Badge Designs.

The ever supportive & talented Darren from IndieKids has knocked up some more badge designs, to go with the ones we’ve already been giving out at gigs and with physical purchases.  We’ll have them at every gig from now, just ask for one.  I know we’ve gotta start carrying T-shirts too, more on those coming soon.

» Radio Update:  July 2013

Gotta thank Rock 365 Radio, Xtreme 365 Radio & Elite 365 Radio for playing us a fair bit this month, mainly “Song of Lust” and “Shoulda Said Something”.  In the next blog we’ll have at least one radio session to upload, along with some radio play in new countries that I already know about now, so check back for those.  When the Unquiet Nights radio network is no longer expanding, you’ll know that I no longer have a pulse!….

» Tour Dates |  Upcoming

Don’t forget if you’re in central Italy in the next couple of weeks, we’re here…

03/08/2013 – Live @ Experience Due (Umbria/Lazio, Italy)
08/08/2013 – Marmore Rock Festival (Terni, Italy)
09/08/2013 – Parco Fluviale (Amelia, Italy)

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» Don’t forget…

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