Jun 2013 | Queen’s Speakeasy & Youbloom Dublin.

During June apart from continuing work on recordings that’ll make up the second album, I took a trip to Ireland to do solo gigs in Belfast & Dublin and meet a few different people over there.  We’ve also been rehearsing the rest of the time back in Italy for some shows that are coming up soon, with more to be announced.  Here some more detail for now…

» The Speakeasy @ Queen’s University, Belfast.

There was a chance to do a set at short notice as part of the Radar Summer Sessions in the Speakeasy at Queen’s University Belfast on the Thursday I arrived back in Northern Ireland.  Perfect preparation for Youbloom Dublin the coming Saturday, so I went down and did a 10 song set.  The night turned out to be hosted by Owen Strathern from General Fiasco, who played a couple of sets.  The last time I had shared a stage with him was in both our previous bands in the Retro Bar (Portrush) in 2004.  So it was great to catch up again.

Below is a video of the full set (10 songs), which we were able to record.  On the youtube video itself you can click the links in the description for each song individually.  I played a new one for the first time which will be on the next album, called “Don’t Wanna Kill For Religion”.  It’s autobiographical, about something that happened to me in Belfast frequently as a kid, and should be an important song on the next record.

» YOUBLOOM Dublin @ Stag’s Head

Did a slightly different set at Youbloom on Saturday 29th, from the one at Queen’s.  The Temple Bar area itself was totally packed at the weekend, mainly because of the Pride celebrations going on.  Most of the Youbloom venues were packed too, including the Stag’s Head.  Outside The Mercantile we met Keiron from The Amazing Few, King Kong Radio on RTE and a bunch of other stuff.  Songs were sung, albums were sold, then we went to another bar and ended up drinking with Irish actor Jack Walsh until kicking out time.

We stayed in Litton Lane Recording Studio, which has been turned into a hostel now, although still trades heavily on the stuff that Van Morrison, U2, Sinead O’Connor, The Cranberrys & others did there.  For some reason we had a photo of Ronnie Wood in our room.  Took a pretty long walk around Dublin the next morning, had breakfast in Odessa (also a venue for Youbloom) and then headed back north on the train.


» Radio Update:  June 2013

Gotta say thanks to Roots Musings on Dublin City FM for previewing the Stag’s Head gig in the leadup to it happening.  The show have been brilliantly supportive since they first heard us.  Another internet station, Xtreme 365 Radio, have picked up on us this month too and are playing “Shoulda Said Something” & “Song of Lust”.  Made a couple of decent behind the scenes contacts in radio too that will hopefully lend their support on the next releases.  We’ve still done everything to date without PR, which looks set to continue unless we win the lottery or take a suicidal recording deal, so we need as much help as we can get.

» No, I don’t know what this is.

Didn’t quite have time to find & upload another rehearsal video this time, but here’s a photo from when one rehearsal involved rolling a bale of hay into position.

Amelia (11th June  2013) (55)

» Tour Dates |  Summer 2013

Here are a couple of upcoming gigs we’ve got during the summer, including a couple of different promoters at the largest man-made waterfall in Europe.  Expecting some more to be added too…

04/07/2013 – OUT Eco Fest, Dublin (Umbria, Italy)
08/08/2013 – Marmore Rock Festival (Umbria, Italy)

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» Don’t forget…

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