Mar 2013 | RTE 2XM & Dublin City FM Interviews, Fresh Faves & more news.

So we’ve got the RTÉ 2XM and Dublin City FM interviews from last month’s Irish tour for you to hear now, as well as further recognition from Tom Robinson over on 6 Music.  Also, keep reading and you’ll find out a bit more about the forthcoming second album, some other written interviews and other things that have been going on this month…

» BBC 6 Music |  Fresh on the Net – Fresh Faves 52

On March 10th, “Silent Picture Show” was included in Fresh Faves (Batch 52) by Tom Robinson’s “Fresh on the Net” team.  Proud when that particular song gets recognition.

“…Irish band Unquiet Nights have already tasted success, having supported the likes of Bloc Party.  “Silent Picture Show” is a mature sounding track with interesting lyrics and is taken from their debut album 21st Century Redemption Songs…”


We had to squeeze in a few visits to Roma this month to meet some friends from the UK, with the ultimate aim to progress UN.  But, got to visit a few of the places I hadn’t seen yet, like for example The Pantheon (below).  Obviously hate everything it has represented throughout history, but seeing the structure in real life is definitely one of those interesting human experiences.  I’ve never been able to say the same about places like The Vatican though.

The Pantheon, Roma.

» RTÉ 2XM |  King Kong Club

On Wednesday 20th RTÉ aired our appearance at the King Kong Club from The Mercantile (Dublin).  That would be the interview with Keiron Black (singer of The Amazing Few), and one of the songs from our set on the night.  It’s repeated twice on RTÉ 2FM during the month, as well as the two times on 2XM, BUT…. you can hear it below.

» ROOTS MUSINGS |  Dublin City FM

Last month when we were doing some Irish gigs, I did an episode of Roots Musings for Dublin City FM.  We’re going to upload it to the UN channel soon, but here it is on the show’s soundcloud if you want to hear it.  Pretty long discussion about influences with a few UN tracks thrown in.  Here’s how Denis described it…

“…An interview with the single-minded – and highly talented – Luke Mathers of rock band Unquiet Nights. Having listened to their material I found it hard to pigeonhole – which is always a good thing. Luke proved to be a man whose encyclopedic knowledge of rock, blues, jazz and soul from the last 70 years is matched only by his passion and talent. An ardent campaigner against all things fake and a staunch Rolling Stones fan – listen out for Root s Musings being put in his place! Though it was uncertain for a while, we can now say that the future of Rock music is secure…”


» Recording Update:  2nd Album

Still working really hard on the next album, here’s screenshot proof.  It’s a new song I’ve written very recently, but I think it’s one that’ll make the grade onto the album.  Funny how it takes leaving a place to write very directly about it, especially if it’s where you’ve grown up.  It’s one of two songs that’ll be together on the second “side” of the album, which are auto-biographical and set in the first half of the 1990’s.  One is concerned with what was happening in my house, and the other with what was happening outside in the country as a whole.  Recording guitars for it below.

» Written Interviews

Some written interviews came out during the month, including with French website Amalgame Musical (French & English) and with UK Rock Radio, based in Argentina (Spanish).  They’re both diligently translated, because either would be a short interview in the native language.  So, thanks to both Amalgame Musical and UK Rock Radio.

» Radio Update

“We Were The Ones was on ” Melomania (Season 5 Episode 8).  Never been followed by Jewel Ft. Kelly Clarkson then Mariah Carey before, but we welcome the first time.  Also as mentioned above, we were in Tom Robinson’s Fresh Faves again.  Plenty of radio coming up soon with the release of a new single towards the second album.

» Don’t forget…

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