Nov 2012 | Radio 2XS, O’Neill Surfboards, Tourdates & More.

November was definitely one of the more unusual months in UN history so far, because up until the 14th I was still in Italy and not expecting to be in Ireland again until the tour in February.  But things changed and we’ve added a couple more tour dates, as well as more sports sound-tracking action and a few other things.  Read on…

» Capitalism: A Love Story.

It was a very expensive month.  I’m temporarily back in N. Ireland since November 23rd, mostly because a large cosmetics company pursued us to play the opening of their store in Dublin.  They agreed travel expenses because I was still in Italy – “How does £500 sound, plus payment in product?”.  Good enough to re-arrange our existing flights I said, even if it’s so short notice that they’ll be very expensive.  Then they decided not to tell us even up to 3 days before flying that their New York office didn’t feel they wanted us anymore.  So, we’re left with non-refundable airline and train tickets.  Hey – we didn’t ask you to send us an e-mail titled “Request” wanting us to play in the first place?

I flew back to Dublin anyway, but not before saying goodbye to Da Vinci at Fiumicino (above).  We changed the other flights to be used for the tour in February, albeit for a big loss on what they should’ve been.  I wasn’t planning to come back before then, but it’ll give us some extra time to rehearse for other things we’ve got coming up!  Starting with…

» Amsterdam |  Panama Club 

We’re playing the Panama club in Amsterdam on Saturday 15th December, which will be our first trip there as a band. Hopefully the first of many though, as we’ve been individually and really love the city.  It’s a great venue, having hosted people like Alicia Keys in recent years, so we’re especially looking forward to meeting some of our Dutch friends.  If you want to go, you can get tickets from  They’re a bit cheaper there than they will be on the night.

» 99.4 FM |  The English Breakfast Show

On Friday 14th – the morning before the Panama gig, we’re going to be on the English Breakfast show on 99.4fm Amsterdam.  It’s simulcast on their regional TV station Salto 1, and we should be on from 8.00-8:30am Dutch time and do 2 or 3 songs plus an interview.  All the info we have about that will be updated on this tour date page.

» Radio 2Xs |  New Music Playlist

Radio 2Xs have had “Burning The Tracks” on their New Music Playlist for quite a while now along with new releases by Mark Knopfler, Bloc Party. The Enemy, Garbage, Lacuna Coil & Z.Z Top.  It’s an influential online station designed to “celebrate 60 years of Rock & Roll”, and we must have had over 100 plays in the last 4-6 weeks on there.  So, many thanks to Jeff and the team for adding us to their rotation.  Apparantly Clint Boon picks XFM tracks from their playlist.

» Videoblog |  John is described

After rehearsal a few days ago we got time to see a gig in the Island Arts Center (Lisburn), which was great.  You can hear Rodger’s commentary on a song introduction in which the singer of Wookalily seems to describe John.

We also took a couple of other videos, so you can see John describing our sideways journey through dense crowds at Belfast’s International Market in the Crab Anecdote, or Rodger’s Eating Guide to the various food stalls.

» O’Neill Coldwater Classic |  Coldwater Classic Day 5

Surfing equipment company O’Neill have used “Shoulda Said Something” in a feature on day 5 of the Coldwater Classic 2012.  You’ll remember that the first, non-album version of the song was used in a successful viral video by Surfline TV back in 2010, and has been associated to surfing ever since.  Hopefully it makes the TV edit, have a look…

» O’Neill Coldwater Classic |  Jim Phillips

Another feature that O’Neill did for the Coldwater Classic 2012 was on graphic artist Jim Phillips, where they’ve used “We Were The Ones”.  It had more of a snowboarding background, but was glad to be involved – the more people hearing it the better.  Here’s the feature on Jim “Forrest Gump of surfing” Phillips, seems an interesting guy…

» Irish Tour 2013 |  Dublin added.

The latest news on the Irish tour we’re doing in February is that we’ve added a Dublin date on Wednesday 13th February at The Mercantile (fantastic venue).  It’s being recorded for the King Kong Club on RTÉ 2fm & 2XM with an interview too.  Then on Friday 15th we’re in The Stiff Kitten (Belfast) as mentioned last month, which is also a great venue.  We’re probably going to add a date in Derry too, hopefully by the time that I write the January update.

» November |  Other Radio

The New Breakfast Snob on WRIR 97.3fm Virginia gave us another play on November 10th.  This time it was “‘Burning The Tracks” which was also on Episode 11512 of Revolver Underground.  We got our first plays on Federal Radio too, so thanks to all for the new and continued support as we keep building our radio empire.

» Recording Diary |  2nd Album

I’ve updated the photo blog that’s being used to document the process of producing the 2nd album.  It’s still in the early stages of production, although a lot of songs have been written.  You can see Rodger below in rehearsal at the Oh Yeah! Center in Belfast, running over some new songs that we’re going to preview in Amsterdam.

We laid down skeleton tracks for a lot of the new songs before I left Ireland last April, so in the last week we’ve been thinking about how a couple of the new ones should go live.  The recordings are coming along too and maybe before Spring 2013 we should be able to release a single from the second album, and maybe unveil the title.

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