Oct 2012 | BBC 6 Music, WRIR & Other New Radio.

I wanted to tell you about some of the things that happened to us in October, because although September was good, I did make the  promise that this month would match it.  Amongst other things we finally gave “‘We Were The Ones” a release this month, so as always there is some new radio to report.  But before that, another UK national…

» BBC 6 Music |  Introducing w/ Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson of the BBC 6 Music Introducing Mixtape was brilliant enough to include “Someone’s Love on Drugs” on the Monday 8th October episode of his show.  That’d be Tom Robinson of “War Baby”, the 1983 No.6 single.  So, we’re very grateful to him for giving us our first appearance on BBC 6 Music.

» BBC |  Tom Robinson Blog

Tom also had this to say about us on his BBC blog.

“…Unquiet Nights are centered on the songs of frontman Luke Mathers, the drumming of Rodger Firmin, and the Precision bass of John Rossi. But – they stress – over and above everything, it’s always been and always will be about the songs. I couldn’t agree more. Someone’s Love on Drugs comes from their fine debut album 21st Century Redemption Songs – for which recording started in their native Belfast and was completed in their adopted home of Umbria, Northern Italy.

It’s available in both digital and physical formats from – priase be – Bandcamp where you can not only hear what you’re getting before you buy, but download it in lossless quality once you do…..”

Happy to report that this resulted in some track sales on “Someone’s Love on Drugs“, so thanks to those people & for the supportive messages.  Another interesting thing is that we were contacted by atleast 5 music publicists. It’s flattering that they’re the ones contacting us now, but we can’t afford PR prices.  Still, team Essential Credential is probably the hardest working in the business and have so far been able to achieve things which usually cost other bands tens of thousands.

» Chordblossom |  Breaking The Band

I’ve mentioned the guest blog that Chordblossom asked me to write before, but the first of them is online now.

It’s called “Breaking The Band” and is a look at the ups and downs experienced by an emerging band from Northern Ireland.  The first instalment was written a while ago, and touches on the band that Rodger & myself were in as 16-18 year olds. There is a nod to the origins of Unquiet Nights, but the next posts will include a sharper focus on UN.

… I’ve been active in the Northern Irish music scene since 2002, mainly in the two bands that I formed in that time, with the current being Unquiet Nights. I’ve experienced a lot of what the scene in our northern part of Ireland has to offer, and apparently because of this, Chordblossom have asked me to write monthly with my account of the “ups and downs of being in a band” – an exhaustive topic….”

Read the whole article here.

» WRIR 97.3  Richmond Virginia | “Song of Lust”

WRIR 97.3’s  “New  Breakfast Snob” –  Allan Coberly, heard us on the BBC Introducing Mixtape and included “Song of Lust” in his show’s playlist for October 20th.  So, that makes it our debut in Virginia…

» “We Were The Ones” |  Single Release & New radio…

As mentioned, we released “We Were the Ones” on October 1st which gave us our first plays on some new stations including Ireland’s Midlands 103fm (Last Orders w/ Seanie Morris) and Canalside 102.8 FM (Macclesfield), as well as returning appearances on Salford City FM (the ever supportive Bob Osborne).  Hear that one here, unfortunately it’s not the wrestling entrance theme he speaks of though, that was the previous band.

» Radio Circulo 100.4fm

Marco Ricci played “Song of Lust” on his “La Vita e’ Bella” show on Radio Circulo 100.4fm, which is the station broadcasting from Madrid’s Circulo de Bellas Artes.  Muchas gracias to him.

» Irish Tour 2013 |  First Date Confirmed.

You’ll see on our tour page that the first gig of 2013 is confirmed for The Stiff Kitten (Belfast) on Friday Feb 25th.  We’re planning to add more Irish dates around that time in other cities, so keep an eye out for those.

» Italian Update | Radio & Review

Renato Scuffietti of the From Genesis To Revelation show on Radio Popolare has started playing us on “Notturne”, which he hosts.  Also, here’s a very positive album review by Ricky of Impaziente Inglese (mentioned in last month’s blog) in his other role as a writer on Troublezine.it.  It’s very positive and probably the first review to make special mention of Letter From Abroad.  There was one other bit of news from Italy that was pretty major which I was hoping to bring in this blog but, the network made a change in programming which affected the DJ who was going to give us our break.  Still, we won’t be denied and in a future blog, etc…. Forza andiamo.

» Also in October 2012…

A mention to Dominique Hoffman who used “21st…” as an album of the day in the exhibition of her novel “Bohemian Tales”, at Belfast’s Haymarket.

» Don’t forget…

If you want a copy of 21st Century Redemption Songs like Rafaella, go to…

There’s a lot of free music at unquietnights.com/music, but if you do that as opposed to buying the album, atleast join the mailing list, our facebook page, or twitter so we can stay in touch.

Until the next blog…


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