Sep 2012 | Radio Popolare, U105 & Nos Gusta la Música

It’s time for the September update, and you’ll remember that in the last blog I promised another radio breakthrough, this time of the Italian variety.  We’ve got that, as well as another of the main Northern Irish stations.  Also our first known appearance on a Spanish language website and a few more things.  Let’s get started…

» Radio Popolare | Impaziente Inglese

The first of a Radio Popolare double header for this blog is Impaziente Inglese, a British Indie music show which is recorded in Verona but broadcasts on the Popolare Network (Milano, Roma, Bologna, Firenze, Torino, Calabria, etc). It’s been great to see UN branching out further in Italy, because that’s something we want strongly in future.  Also great to see Northern Ireland better represented on shows about British Music – we’re the red diagonal stripes on the UK flag afterall.  Anyway, much thanks to Ricky for putting “Burning The Tracks” into the show..

» Radio Popolare | Beetlebum w/ Tommaso Toma

The next appearance was Tuesday 25th, on Tommaso Toma’s “Beetlebum” show.  He dropped in “Song of Lust” amongst stuff like The Smiths (“Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”).  It was satisfying to see that particular song getting some tourism, ’cause usually radio has focused on it’s bigger brothers from the first album.

At the end Tommaso is saying (roughly) that he thinks “it’s a rock sound that is vintage and very clean“, and that we will “find fans quickly” because it’s a sound that never goes out of style.  Considering that he’s the music editor of Maxim, and formerly of Rolling Stone (Italia) & GQ mag, etc – he should be decent with his music predictions. 

» U105 – John Daly Show (Northern Ireland)

Another great thing happened on September 1st at 9:09am – we got our first play on U105 in Northern Ireland.  John Daly played “We Were The Ones” on his breakfast show.  I’d love to claim it as another victory for Essential Credential, but this one was down to a fan sending a copy of “21st…” to Mr. Daly.  It’s one of the top commercial stations, but more conservative, focusing on 80’s pop music mainly.  So we thought it might be tough to get on there, which it was, but we got there in the end.  All of us in the band have fond memories of recording for The Kelly Show in the UTV building with previous bands.  It’s not running anymore but they do have U105 radio, which now happily includes us.

» Nos Gusta la Música

“Shoulda Said Something” is currently posted on Nos Gusta la Música, which I think is our first appearance on a Spanish language website so far.  So, thanks to Indie Jungle from Madrid for that.  And for good measure, here’s a picture of me beside the Bernabéu in Madrid.  If we don’t one day play The Riviera, I’ll consider myself to have failed.

» Indie Bands Blog

“The boys from Belfast have gained considerable momentum in a short amount of time, with their first full-length album “21st Century Redemption Songs” being released in 2011 to positive reviews. A respectable amount of diversity has gone into the band’s tracks, with the near-retro styling of album opener “Burning the Tracks” rubbing shoulders with more traditional indie rock number “Shoulda Said Something” and the moody “Silent Picture Show”. Unquiet Nights deliver unashamedly heartfelt music with catchy hooks, crunchy rhythms and tight drumming backing up the passionate vocals.

For a band whose career has only just begun, the music is well crafted and produced to a high standard. Last year they toured around Ireland, England and Italy, and with the promise of a series of singles plus a rumoured follow-up album on the way, Unquiet Nights seem to have a bright future ahead of them.”

Read the full blog post.

» Curse Western Digital to hell…

The review above mentions a “rumoured” 2nd album, which I can assure you is definitely under way.  The picture below though, of a knackered 3-month old Western Digital hard drive, represents the latest infuriating setback to be documented in the studio diary we’re keeping.  It died unexpectedly, taking with it much of the recording which had been done, including a new song which doesn’t exist anywhere else but in there, and in my head.  Their customer service took a month to say “we don’t care”, and their data recovery partners quoted me €2090 to retrieve the files.

Anyway, it’s been replaced with a Toshiba drive, which is hopefully luckier & better designed.  Recording has started again, but suffice to say, and to quote Gladiator:  “Western Digital – I will have my vengence, in this life or the next”.

» Also in September 2012…

There’s an interview I did recently on the subject of song writing with Padraig of Land Lovers over on Chordblossom.  My own “diary of an emerging band” style blog is still forthcoming, but they might also want a reprise of the Writing Dissection theme in future too.  That’s all for this month, but I’ve already heard rumblings of developments in October, so the next blog should be good.  We do update our social pages more frequently though, so stay tuned on those.

» Last thing…

21st Century Redemption Songs is available physically using Paypal, or Bandcamp for £8 + P&P. It comes with a booklet, liner notes & the same 10 songs as the digital version, which is available at all these stores also.

You can download some of the songs from, but if you do that as opposed to buying the album, atleast join the mailing list, our facebook page, or twitter to stay up to date. All the best…

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