May 2012 | Transmission & Jefferson Was Right (video)

So we started May by doing some drum tracks for new material that’ll feature on the next release, which is still some time away obviously, but we’ll keep you up to date on the process.  This was back home in Northern Ireland and in a more isolated house than where we recorded most of the first album, so we were able to thump around long into the night this time.  Since then I’ve come back to Italy, and Rodger’s been doing the HBO series “Game of Thrones”.  He’s in Episode 9, as one of the soldiers “on Stannis’ ship entering Kings Landing” – for those of you who’ve long been waiting to see him in a more medieval context.  Here are some other things that’ve happened this month..

» Transmission

Transmission” is a mixtape by, where they post a selection of the best music they’ve found by Northern Irish bands.  Pleased to report that they’ve got “We Were The Ones” as the last track on the current May 2012 mixtape.  You can download the whole thing from here.  Continued luck to Chordblossom.

» Recording Update: Ireland

In the first half of May we got some drum tracks down for 20 or so new songs.  I’m putting together ideas for the second album, and also we have some out-takes from the first album which I’m planning to touch up as B-sides.  We never actually released “We Were The Ones” or “Shoulda Said Something” as singles in the business sense, so when that happens there’ll be some new music to accompany.

While back in N. Ireland I was reuinted with my Telecaster, which I hadn’t plugged in for a few years.  I wrote some new songs on it in March/April time, and thought I’d take a picture for the blog.  I’ve got a Gibson humbucker at the neck and a “Hot Rail” stacked humbucker at the bridge.  I recorded some tracks with it on the UN hard drive, so will have to go through those in future and see if there’s anything good.  The guitars on “We Were The Ones” were recorded on this some time in 2009.  I’ve changed both the pickups since I got it, so it’s got great sustain now.

» Recording Update: Italy

Since I got to Italy I’ve been using this 1990 Fender Stratocaster that I brought to Italy in 2011.  I got it in a pawn shop in 2002 and since I arrived back a couple of weeks ago I’ve been using it to record overdubs on stuff that might make the second album.  It’s difficult not to just start playing Layla though, very similar to Eric Clapton’s “Blackie”.

» “Jefferson Was Right” (New Song Preview)

In the last blog I promised to have something new to hear this time, so here’s a song that’s being planned for the second album (still a long way off).  I did this on return to Italy, and it’s called “Jefferson Was Right” (lyrics).  We did play it recently at the Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival, and on Citybeat 96.7 when we were in there, but unless you saw either of those then you won’t have heard it anywhere else.  Hope it pleases.

» Also this month….

“Someone’s Love on Drugs” appeared in some places, including Dark Compass: Episode 521.  Also, not related to music but I figure some people will be interested to see my photos from the Rome Masters Tennis @ Foro Italico.  I did go to Rome that weekend for matters relating to UN 😉 – but that will have to wait until a future blog.  For now, here are some photos of Sharapova-Nadal-Ferrer-Federer-Djokovic from last weekend.

» Don’t forget…

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