Feb 2012 | Belfast Nashville & BalconyTV

‘ello.  I’m writing this update from N. Ireland for the first time in 10 months, having returned to do a bunch of things with the band including Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival, BalconyTV Dublin, sessions on Blast106fm & Citybeat as well as more gigs to come in March.  So here’s a recap of some of the happenings during February with us.

» Bluesbunny.com – Album Review
“So, as I am singing along to “Shoulda Said Something”, I pause to ponder the now obvious question. Why do other indie rock bands not sound as good as Unquiet Nights?”.  Read the full review.

» Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival 2012
Here’s a video from the past weekend’s gig @ The King’s Head as part of the Belfast Nashville Songwriter’s Festival.  It was a great experience for us, and a pleasure to play with Paul Casey & band.  Thanks to those who came along, there’s a photo album uploaded to Facebook and Flickr.

» BalconyTV Dublin: “Someone’s Love on Drugs”
We went on BalconyTV again at their new location of Sweeney’s Bar, Dublin.  Here’s a photo album of the night, and of course the video…

» Blast 106fm – Through The Wall
James Magill had us in to his Blast106fm show to do 3 session tracks and talk about the first album.  There are links for whatever video & audio we have on the tour diary blog for the Blast 106 session.

» Australian Radio Update: Melomania
We don’t always update about every new radio show that plays us, but thought it worth a mention that Eric Alexandrakis played us as a guest DJ for the syndicated Australian music programme Melomania.  The listening figures are reckoned to be between 300,000 and 400,000 nationally.  Happy about that…

» Auntie Annie’s w/ Little Doses
We’ll be playing Auntie Annie’s (Dublin Road Belfast), on Sunday 11th March with Little Doses, where we’ll have copies of the first album.  It’s Mark from Snow Patrol’s new band, and you can get tickets from us for £5.  More info on this page.

» Badges by IndieKids
We’ve got some badges at the store now for anyone who wants to help keep us running, you can donate what you want from £1 upwards through paypal and we’ll send one out.  Badge sets are coming soon, thanks to Darren @ IndieKids for his passion and support.

» Despite everything…

Remember we’ve got the first album, 21st Century Redemption Songs finished now, so you can order a physical copy using Paypal, or Bandcamp for £8 + P&P. They come with a booklet, liner notes & the same 10 songs as the digital version.

We’re doing a Citybeat radio session in a few days for David Gordon too, as well as another couple of planned interviews including the extended omnibus episode of the Justin Wayne show, which will be worth a listen.

Also, you can download some of the songs from unquietnights.com/music, but if you do that as opposed to buying the album, atleast join the mailing list, our facebook page, or twitter to stay up to date.  All the best…


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