Oct 2011 | BBC ATL, Absolute Radio & More.

Hope you’re doin’ well.  So, here’s the latest in our tradition of monthly updates about things that’ve happened to Unquiet Nights of interest.

» BBC Across The Line

We were featured during Phily Taggart’s spot on BBC Across The Line.  He and Rigsy discussed us a bit and played Shoulda Said Something, which we re-cut for the album last month.  As far as we know it’s the first time the BBC have played UN, which we’re really happy about.  Thanks to Mr. Taggart for sourcing us out.  Hear our bit below:

» Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio)

“Burning The Tracks” was chosen by T4 Music’s Emerging Icons website to be played by Pete Donaldson on his Sunday Night Music Club show on Absolute Radio.  Keen observers will note that this is another of the 6 national UK stations that we’ve notched up (Absolute being the new name for Virgin Radio).  Hopefully in future the daytime DJs will be playing us on there.  Still trying to find a recording of this, will post it if we get one.  Pete Donaldson did a review of it though, which is here.
“Chugs and roars along at a fair old pace, with aequal amounts of attitude and swagger. Good stuff!”

» Music Now Magazine
The G3 Agency interview (going to press around now) which you saw a preview of in last month’s update, has been picked up by Music Now for a spread in the next issue.  It’s a US print mag for record labels, DJs and industry types, who hopefully appreciate irony.

» Indiecity Fanzine
It’s an independent music fanzine based in Rome, which will have a writeup about us in the next issue apparantly.  We’ll post a link when it’s out.  Here’s a photo album of us in and around Rome from last month.

» Radio Galileo (Interview Clips)
We haven’t got the audio of the live session we did for Radio Galileo yet, so we haven’t uploaded the session tracks.  But, here are some clips from the interview.
Part 1 – Our website, wakeboarding & Italian hookers.
Part 2 – Last gig attended & John’s song request.

…. The first album, “21st Century Redemption Songs”, is coming soon.  We’ve one more song to master and it’ll be ready.  It’ll be available directly on our website in physical and mp3 download format.  The digital version will have the same booklet & liner notes as a PDF.  It’ll be at the usual online stores like iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Spotify too.  Don’t forget the mailing list, our facebook page, and twitter for updates.

All the best until next month’s update.


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