Sep 2011 | G3 interview, Radio Galileo session.

» G3 Magazine (US) Issue 14 will have an interview with us which they’re running as a two page spread, as opposed to the smaller article originally planned.  Check for it on the G3 Agency website, which will have a link to Amazon.  Subjects covered include the first album, and feelings on the music industry.  Read the interview on our Flickr here: Part 1 | Part 2.

The G3 Agency also run Beats and Lyrics magazine, and are distributed nationally in the US.
G3 Agency | Amazon

» Live @ Radio Galileo, Italy.
We did a session for Experience Due on Radio Galileo (Italy – Umbria & Lazio).  They’re doing a series called the “10 Year Experience” to celebrate ten years of being on the air.  We played the 10 songs which will be the first album, and were interviewed for quite a long time in a mix of English/Italian.  In the end we picked songs for the show (Rodger – Paul Weller, John – ELO, Luke – Stones, Orbison), and took up atleast 3h 30mins of radio time.  Besides Amedeo, Mirko, Michela M for having us on the show and playing everything we’ve done since the first recording in 2010, we should thank Jacopo & Michela Pelucca for the photography-video-interpretting-driving package they did, and Jumping Shoes for lending us some drums.  The videos will be online soon when we get the station’s audio to sync up.  For now, here is a photo gallery of the session for Experience Due, and another of our time in Italy.

» Someone’s Love on Drugs
This is the 9th song that we’ve finished for the first album, and it’s being heard on some shows and podcasts like the Best of British Music Show on CHUO FM Ottawa.  Thanks to The Bull Pit in New York for having an episode named after the song too, you can hear that here.

» Shoulda Said Something v2011
We’ve re-recorded this song for the album, I’ve put a second mod sounding guitar part on, a lot cleaner production overall hopefully.  Here is our long-time supporter Michael Angel playing and talking about the new version on his show.

We’ve passed 2,000 listeners on, and picked up some more people who are really into the music, which is great.  Thanks to everyone on there.

KEEP CHECKING BACK…. there’ll be more interviews and atleast another song in the next month.   Don’t forget the mailing list, and our facebook page, for updates about the first album “21st Century Redemption Songs”.

All the best until next month’s update.


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