Aug 2011 | “Song of Lust” & Lurgan Mail.

» Lurgan Mail Article
The Mail is our hometown paper, who used to write about the band that Rodger and myself were in.  They’ve just done an article about Unquiet Nights, based on an interview by IM.  Read a scan of it here, or direct on

Thanks to Graeme Cousins for taking an interest too.

» Song of Lust
The intended 8th song for “21st Century Redemption Songs” is finished.  It picked up some national play on Amazing Radio, as well as a load of podcasts.

Hear it on Johnny Reade’s show on the video player and stick around for Rodger’s croissant related surprise in London.  Happy with how SOL turned out, we had a bunch of diff versions.

» Metaphorical Boat Blog
Chris McBride has written about “Song of Lust” on Metaphorical Boat.
Belfast/Italy based trio Unquiet Nights produce a music that evokes memories of all the non-cheesy rock music of the 1980s. The dark undertones of “Song of Lust” draws similarites with The Chameleons, Echo & the Bunnymen, with a central guitar riff that is not too dissimilar to the one from “Ordinary World.”  See it in full here.

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