Jun 2011 | First Album update.

Thought we’d give you a preview of how the first album is going so far, listen on the Soundcloud player below.  You’ll notice there’s a Buy link beside each song, where some especially supportive people have been buying the tracks as we’ve mastered them.  It’s sure appreciated.

» Album Recording Update
As you all might know, it’ll be called 21st Century Redemption Songs, and if you’ve seen us live recently you’ll have heard some of the material.  We’ve been sending the songs to DJs as we finished each one, so it’s been good picking up interest along the way.  “Burning The Tracks” was the first in September 2010, since then we’ve averaged about 1 a month, including time we were sidetracked with playing live and auditioning to find a bass player.  This album should be finished in late 2011 hopefully.

» Recent Radio Play

During June we’ve been on Amazing Radio, Moheak, Recharged Radio, Suffolk n’ Cool, Dark Compass as well as the regular places.  Amazing Radio is a UK national station so we’re happy that Aaron Phillips played “Silent Picture Show“.  Moheak Radio is based in LA and has a webcast during the show, which you can see here.  Thanks to Reg B who played it.

Unquiet Nights on Moheak Radio, Reg B Show

Unquiet Nights on Amazing Radio, The Amazing Rock Show

….  We’ve got a mailing list, a facebook page, and a twitter feed.  So make sure to stay updated.

Besta luck until next month.


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